2013 WIPocalypse

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The last 2 days have been pretty decent. DH & I bought an elliptical and it came yesterday. (More about that in a couple of minutes), then I received stash in the mail yesterday. Can you say, Oh so excited!!!!! I had held off for a little while from ordering anything from market, then last week, I broke. I just had to. Oh, and I just found out today, a LNS opened less than 20 minutes from my house. I guess it opened in February. As of right now, they're only opened on Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon. I have every intention of being there this Saturday. I don't know when the last time was that I have actually been to a LNS. I hope they're doing well so they can stick around.

This is my progress piece from the LK Housework piece. I hope to finish it this weekend. I have done some other stitching, but I can't share. It's a model piece for JCS magazine. I'm enjoying it so far. I'm stitching it to make some $$$ to buy a Kindle 2. I really want one of those. I have just fallen in love with it.

Have you all heard about the Silver Needle/LK/JBW retreat weekend in July? It's the weekend after my birthday, so I persuaded DH to let me go. I've already sent in my deposit. So ecstatic about it. I know this picture is bad, but I found this on Moda fabrics blog. It's a baby quilt. It's just adorable, and I'm going to attempt it for a friend who is having a baby in May. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
These are my sweet babies. My DD #1 (middle) had her 9th birthday on St Pats Day. I can't believe that they are getting so big.
OK, so here's the rest of the elliptical story. Bought it online from NordicTrack. Received yesterday and put it together today. I couldn't get the stride on the left side of it to adjust. So I called NordicTrack, and the girl is like, "well, I don't really know why it won't adjust unless the pin is jammed". Mind you the piece that isn't working came preassembled. Anyway, another 5 minutes later and she was like, well, we can send service out to you, but it will be a $45 service call. I went off. I was like, why should I pay for something like that, when I just received it yesterday. I asked to talk to a supervisor, and she was like well, they would have to call you back tomorrow. I told her that she couldn't tell me that there was no one above her there.
Anyway, to say the least, she finally waived the $45 fee, and DH ended up fixing it anyway. Granted, I did lose it a little, but seriously, if I pay that much $$$ for that, I expect it to work when it arrives.
Alright, enough rant, I will write again soon.
Take care!


Anonymous said...

I saw that quilt and loved it too! Can't wait to see your version. Enjoy your LNS visit!

:: wee bird :: said...

Oh you are so lucky you have a new stitching store close by!
I haven't found one in Nova Scotia yet..and I soooo want to go and visit one.
have fun there!
and good luck with the quilt,I don't think it'll be too hard for you to manage

Anonymous said...

to have an LNS close by -- lucky you!!! and I don't blame you about the nordric trac; I would have went off on that girl too! sheesh!

Kim B said...

Oh what fun - a new LNS!

I would have been irate with NordicTrack! They wanted you to pay $45 to fix something that CAME broken?!

Lucy said...

Great Housework saying!!! I love Kindles also...don't have one either.

Hazel said...

Nice quilt! Great stitching too. That is a great pics of your kids. They look so happy. xx