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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Long time, no see...

I can't believe that it's been a month since the last time I posted. Where has the time gone? I've debated posting several times, but haven't really had the time to do it. I need to figure out one day each week to post. That way, I won't have these big gaps in my blog like this.

Not too much has been happening around here. Work is the same. Kids are all good, except for a case of strep throat a couple of weeks ago. The weather is crazy, just like many place I hear. One day it's 60-75 deg, and the next it's 20 deg with snow flurries. I'm looking forward to weather that isn't changing so drastically. Maybe then my allergies wouldn't be so severe.

My stitching has been sporadic lately. There are days when I have no desire to stitch, and then there are days when all I want to do is stitch. Here are my projects from the last month.

This is an exchange that I made for AmySC for the MAWBB. She had requested a Valerie Pfeiffer bird finished anyway I wanted . So this is what I chose. I stitched this over one on a scrap piece of fabric that I had. I really loved stitching this. I'll have to make another one for myself one day.

These are Q-Snap covers. I've been wanting them for a long time, but really just wanted to learn how to make them. The yellow one I bought, so I could see how to make one. I received it in the mail yesterday. The pink one is one that I made last night. I had 3 attempts, trying to figure out how big to cut the fabric and elastic. The 3rd time was the charm.

This is a piece that I started about a week ago. It's LK Housework. I've loved this chart ever since I bought it. So, I decided to go ahead and stitch it. I'm stitching it on a piece of 25 ct linen over 1 thread. I haven't decided how to finish it yet. I was thinking about possibly finding a frame for it.

This is what I worked on last weekend. My DH & kids were gone at his mom's for her birthday. I was on call all weekend, so I stayed home. It was such a peaceful weekend. I turned the TV off when they left on Saturday, and it didn't get turned back on until they returned home late Sunday afternoon. My weekend consisted of stitching, cleaning, and listening to Harry Potter 6 on book on tape. So I decided to break LHN Neighborhood out to work on it for awhile. Before I started all I had done was stitching the brown on the tree. All of the green and the birds was done last Saturday and Sunday.
This fabric is strips from a jelly roll that I've started to work on a quilt. I sewed 26 sets of these strips together. The next step is putting them together to 13 sets. I just haven't done that step yet.

Well, I hope that everyone is doing well. Sorry this is such a long post. Thanks for hanging on if you finished it to the end.

Take care!


staci said...

I saw the pinkeep you made Amy over on her blog...and it's darling!

Congrats on figuring out how to make those Q-snap covers :)

Hope your mojo returns...I think several of them must be going on spring break together ;)

Daffycat said...

I was admiring this on Amy's blog...it's simply gorgeous and you are such a sweetheart to stitch it for her.

I love your Q-Snap covers!

Kim B said...

Your birds turned out beautifully! You are incredible at stitching over 1! And I love your QSnap covers! Way to go!

Suzanne said...

Your pinkeep is fantastic, I saw it on Amy's blog as well.

Hope you stitching mojo returns soon, I know how it feels. I am in this stitching slump and am only stitching because I have deadlines to keep.

Anonymous said...

Love the LK; I have that one that I want to stitch too!
The q-snaps covers are too cute!