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Monday, September 20, 2010

Anyone up for an ornament exchange???

Looking for a couple of people to exchange some Christmas ornies with? Anyone up for it?
Just leave a response to this post.


Mylene said...

Hi, i wish i am not in a chaos these days would surely love to do an exchange with you. Hopefully next time.

Danielle said...

Melissa, I found your blog through Blu's blog. I would love to do an ornament exchange with you! Just send me an e-mail and we can exchange info and set a mailing date. I was thinking December 1.

Diane said...

Hi Melissa. I would love to do an ornament exchange with you if you are still open to doing another. Please email me at diane at shelschneider dot net and/or the email address in my profile. Like Danielle, I was thinking of December 1 as a good mail date.

Lula said...

Hi Melissa

Is it too late to join this? My email is in my profile

Lucy from L*K blog