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Friday, July 31, 2009

No excuses...

Life sure has been busy for me and my family over the last several months. Summer has been so busy between kids classes, vacation in Indianapolis, and working every weekend.
In addition, I've been accepted to the University of Missouri in St. Louis to get my bachelor's degree in nursing. I start classes on Aug. 24. The program is completely online. I'm really excited about that.
The next couple of pictures were taken at our mini vacation to Indianapolis. We stayed at the Holiday Inn at the Pyramids which have an indoor waterpark, then we spent a day at the Indy Zoo, and a day at the Indy Children's Museum. We could have definitely spent another day at the museum. We got to see a wonderful King Tut exhibit.

I have been stitching quite a bit (starting new projects which I shouldn't do) and quilting. I'll try to post a picture of some of my projects next week. I start work for the weekend tomorrow, plus work a couple of days next week.
Thanks for taking a peek if anyone is still reading my blog. I'll try to do better.


Lisa said...

It is amazing how busy summers can be - we first look forward to them as a change from the busy school days...It looks like you and your family have been enjoying summer to its fullest! Lots of memories for you and them as they grow up!
Congrats on being accepted to Missou in St.L! I look forward to seeing some of you stitching & quilting projects. Good to hear from you!
Take care!

Kim B said...

Oh I'm hoping to get into UMSL for my BSN in a year's time! Let me know how it goes!

Michelle said...

Summers can be super busy, but it looks like you've been having fun! Congrats on going to school for your nursing degree. That is wonderful!!