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Monday, January 12, 2009

Lo How A Rose...

Hi all!

I've had several requests for the name and where I found the book for Lo, How A Rose. I actually bought the book used from Amazon.

It's called A Cross Stitch Christmas: Celebrations in Stitches by Better Homes and Gardens
Here is the link of where it is on Amazon's website.

They have approximately 17 used and/or new copies as of the posting of this message.

Good luck and happy stitching. I will be posting an update of my latest projects probably tomorrow. Until then...

PS: If anyone knows how to make the titles larger and the date smaller, I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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Lizzy said...

Thanks so much, Melissa!!! I'm away to order a copy now! :-)

As for changing the size of your title and the dates... Go to customize and then up at the top of the page beside *page elements* you will see *fonts and colours* click on that and it will let you change the font size et cetera. Hope this helps! :-)