2013 WIPocalypse

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Recently, we all posted pumpkins and much love for our stitching blogging friend, Cathey.  Today, we have learned such tragic news that cancer has taken her away from her husband and very young son.  
My heart breaks for them, and for the loss that they are feeling right now.  
I deal with death many times a month at work, but this is something very difficult to deal with.  
The only thing that makes it somewhat tolerable is that she is out of pain and no longer has to suffer.

Rest in peace Cathey!!!!
You will be greatly missed!


Annette said...

Indeed she will be verty missed!
Such a wonderfull woman and great fighter!!
For her the fight is over....

cucki said...

It's a very sad news.
Thinking of her family and junior.
Love you cathey x

Marie said...

She was such a strong, positive woman. I will miss her post and the pictures of adorable little "junior" ~ So very sad.