2013 WIPocalypse

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What a crazy life...

I know, I was doing so well at the beginning of the year, but work, school, kids have been kicking my bum, and time just disappeared.  Not a whole lot of stitching has been done, but now that it's summer, I'm hoping I'll get a chance.  

You never know, though.

I'm six months away from finishing my Bachelor's Degree, so it's down to the nitty gritty!  I'm in my last week of this 8 week term, and then I actually get a week off before the next term begins.  I don't usually get the week off, so I'm really getting excited about it.  I'm really looking forward to having the evening to stitch.

Well, it never feels like a finished post without a picture, so since I really don't have one of stitching, I thought I'd post these.  The first two of my girls at their end of the year concerts.  My oldest, Hanna, was getting ready to go to her first chorus concert.  

 These next 3 are at the St. Louis Zoo.  They turned out pretty well.  The bottom picture is of the new baby elephant, Priae (I'm sure I misspelled that).  Isn't she precious?

Well, I hope everyone has a great week, and I'll be back soon with something of a stitching picture to show.

Take care!


cucki said...

Hello dear it's me cucki..thank you so much for following My humble blog...
Your blog and stitching is so sweet..
Your kids are so cute...xxxx
Sending you big hugs
Love x

Pam in IL said...

Seems like everyone is busy, busy, busy! Love the pics of your girls. I miss my youngest practicing on her violin -- she's away at college.

Penny said...

I certainly understand the time school takes. :) But wow, you are almost finished! Beautiful daughters!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for following my little blog.
Gorgeous photos and beautiful stitching (:

Lisa said...

Your children are beautiful! Summer time in St. Louis...I remember the humidity and visiting the zoo with my grandparents; and I did go there during the school year while attending Wash U with my boyfriend (who eventually became my husband). My favorite was the primate house :)

Take care and have a great weekend!