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Friday, May 13, 2011

Wow...it's been quite a while

My initial post of this has completely disappeared after blogger's problems the other day.  So I'll repost it.

Since my last post. I'm very sorry about that. I went through a little slump for awhile, but think I'm working my way out of it.
I've been doing some card making and some cross stitching, and having a great time doing it. I've been on vacation for the last 9 days or so. The beginning of it was kind of rough, but the last several days have been quite relaxing...even with having to catch up on laundry and housework. I'm looking forward to the kids getting out of school in another 12 days for summer vacation. I'm so tired of school this year. My middle daughter's teacher is just a piece of work. She's getting ready to retire, so I guess she doesn't think she needs to do much. Needless to say, my DD has struggled ALL year. For the last several years, my DD has loved school...until this year anyway. This year she has dreaded going.

I think I'll make a separate post for my cardmaking pictures that I've been working on lately.
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Squirlygirl said...

Your cards are great Melissa :) I hope you enjoyed your vacation and going back to work isn't too hard on you!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely cards and stitching.

Sassy Cheryl said...

Thanks for showing your space this week and your wonderful creations. Hope that you had a relaxing time on your vacation!

Shirley said...

You may have been in a slump, but you've certainly worked you way out of it quite well. Awesome cross-stitching and cards.

Mylene said...

WOW! Your cards are beautiful and very neatly finished. Miss doing card making but oh my time isn't enough for the day for all i want to do...back working too so not much crafting and coming online.

Beth aka BR-T said...

Wow that stitching is fantastic and I adore each of your cards! I just got back from vacation too...sigh

Thank you for participating in the YNS "Pop It Up" challenge! Beth aka BR-T

valerie said...

Cute cards and stitching!