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Thursday, March 10, 2011

So sleepy tonight...

but it's way too early to go to sleep. Kids finally went to bed.  I don't know where this week has gone.  I go back to work tomorrow night after having the last 4 days off.
We had a nice evening.  Does anyone have a Papa Murphy's pizza near them?  LOVE THEM!!!!  For those of you that don't, Papa Murphy's is a place where you go and order pizza, they make it, and then you take it home and bake it.  It's perfect for us since we live about 20 minutes or so from the nearest pizza place, and then no one will deliver out here either.  We usually get pizza from them every 1-2 weeks.  Well, tonight when DS and I went they had a dessert pizza.  We don't usually get that, but OMG, it was soooo good!!!!  It was a S'More pizza.  MMMMMMMM!  My middle daughter's birthday is next week, and she actually wants that as her birthday cake for her sleepover.  LOL!!!
I forgot to tell you about our newest acquisition 2 weeks ago.  We traded our minivan in for a Kia Sorrento.  WE LOVE IT!!!!  My husband actually drove it for the first time the other day, and now says he's got to get himself one of these.  His car is completely paid off in July, so he might just do it.
I've made some pretty good progress with my crafting over the last week.  I finished CCN's Christmas Carols.  I think it really turned out nicely.  Now to just get it framed.  I also worked some more on LHN's Cardinal Winter and started a new ornament from The Gift of Stitching magazine.
This is my latest card as well.  We have had an interim director at work lately.  She's just an awesome lady, and we wish that she was staying, but it was a temporary thing, and so she's going back to her regular position tomorrow.  So I made her this card and gave her a little present to thank her for everything she has done.
Quick story...
We are going to Disney World on vacation this year.  Not until the fall though.  The kids think this is a year that we aren't going on vacation at all.  So last weekend, there was a commercial on about Disney asking,"What is your favorite part about a Disney Vacation?"  My middle daughter with enough attitude of a teenager answers back, "NOTHING!!!"  Then the next question the commercial asks is,"When are you planning your vacation to Disney?"  Again with the attitude, "NEVER!!!!"  We aren't planning on telling them we're going until the day we leave.  It was just hilarious to hear her response, knowing that ultimately we definitely are going this year.
Well, have a great weekend!


staci said...

Beautiful stitching! We enjoy Papa Murphy's too...will have to try their dessert pizza since we never have either :)

Kathy A. said...

We love Papa Murphy's too. So much fresher and hot when you want it!
Love the stitching.
I love those Disney commercials. I think you have a great plan going there.