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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Illness and ice storms...

What a month February has been so far...this week is the first full week that the kids have had school since before Christmas due to all of the snow and ice that we have gotten.  I guess to look on the bright side of it all though, the kids were sick during those snow and ice days so not as much makeup homework to do.  LOL  On top of all that ice that we received, a couple days after these pictures, we received almost a foot of snow also.  As of this morning, there is a little bit still on the ground, but the temperatures have been spring like this week, so it's almost all melted.  It's still all a mess, just a different kind of mess.  
 But of course, now that the weather is nice, I've gotten the flu or something of that sort.  I am feeling much better though.  I think with me being sick and my youngest is sick as well then everyone has been sick for this season except for DH.  Needless to say, I'm definitely ready for spring to be here and everyone healthy.
 In spite of illness, I have been stitching quite a bit more than I had been.  I need to take some additional pictures but I figured I had enough on this post so I'll take some later and post them.  I will show you a couple of things that I stitched for an exchange.  They are from the LK Go Green charts.  I made this cute floss ring tag and needleminder.
 This was my first needleminder, and I think it turned out just fine.  I had bought this scrapbooking tool that makes magnets, so I thought I'd try it.  I just love it.  Other that that, I've been kind of focusing on my stitching Moulin Rouge from Long Dog Samplers.  I've finished almost a page of that.  Then I started on the new LHN Ornament Tweet.  LOVE IT!!!
 During all of the snow and ice, I stared feeding the birds that were hanging around.  Too much ice and snow for them to find any food.  We've had such a good time watching them.
 Last but not least, this is a beautiful flatfold that I received from Lisa from the Lizzie Kate Exchange board.  Isn't it adorable!  DH even commented that it was adorable, so for him to notice something like that, is astonishing.
Thanks again, Lisa!  Well, I hope everyone has a great week!


Lesleyanne said...

Great photos. I love your stitching and the exchange you received.

Kathy said...

I so know what you mean about being ready for spring and warmer weather. :) I do hope you feel better soon. The flu season this year has been a tough one.

I just adore your LK floss tag! And the needle minder is fabulous!

Le blog de marylin said...

oh very beautiful the photos
have a good day
marylin France

Le blog de marylin said...

very beautiful the photos
have a good day
marylin France

valerie said...

Oh no, I hope you are feeling better! The icicles look so pretty. Love your needleminder and floss tag finish. Great job!

Sarah Beth said...

I love your LK be kind to animals tag. I need to learn how to make one