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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Being lazy, motivation, and stash

I've been feeling a little lazy lately.  I need to get motivated though.  I have all of these ideas ...needlework, scrapbooking, quilting, Christmas, home improvement, just not motivated to do them.  I don't know why though.
The only thing that I've been motivated to do was to lose weight.  I rejoined Weight Watchers.  I'm bound and determined to do this once and for all.  So far I've lost 7 pounds.  I'd like to lose about 50 more.  Baby steps.  Little steps at a time.  I need to start getting motivated with exercising though.  I went to the YMCA last week to work out on my favorite exerciser, The Treadclimber.  I was so upset, they had gotten rid of the treadclimber.  I was shocked.  After that I didn't even want to exercise.  I did, but it just wasn't as much fun.  So now I need to find something that is as much fun as the Treadclimber.
Well here's a little stitching that I've worked on lately.  The first is my progress on my Prairie Schooler piece.  Not a lot of progress, but I guess a little progress is better than nothing.

The next piece was a new start that I've really been having a great time with.  This is Country Cottage Needleworks Christmas Carols.  I loved this as soon as I saw it.  So I had to get it and start it as soon as I did.  Sorry for the lousy picture.  
Then I bought myself an early Christmas present.  I'd had a wishlist on my computer for quite awhile, but hadn't splurged.  So I had worked some extra shifts at work, and decided to fulfill a little off of my wishlist.  
Well, I guess that's it.  I'm going to post a giveaway probably later today.  A couple of charts that I've stitched for myself, and thought that someone else might want to stitch them too.
So keep an eye out.  Have a great day!


Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with the weightloss. Love both pieces you are stitching. Nice new stash.

Carol said...

Love your stitching, Melissa--especially the PS! Good for you for treating yourself with all that new stash--enjoy!

Great job on the weight loss... Before you know it exercise will just become part of your daily routine. I really look forward to my daily treadmill routine :)