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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Lizzie Kate state of mind...

Well, this has been an interesting week to say the least. It was absolutely frigidly (is that a word??) cold outside. So cold in fact that they cancelled the kids school on Thursday and Friday because the windchill was going to be between -15 and -20 below zero. On Friday, we woke up to -5 regular temp. That is just absolutely wrong for the temp to be sooo cold.
Work this week was still really rough. So rough that I'm thinking about looking for another job. I'm just really tired of all of the crap. The manipulation, backstabbing, etc... is tooooo much. I'm not that type of person. I like to go to work, do my job and do it well, and then come home to spend time with my family and stitch. It was so bad that I took a mental health day on Friday. Then of course I'm off tomorrow, so I will have a nice 4 day weekend to recharge my batteries.
This weekend, we shipped the kids off to my mom's, and DH and I spent time with just the 2 of us. Our oldest is 10, and we've never done this since he was born. It turned out only to be on Saturday night, but it was wonderful. We went out to lunch and dinner, did a little shopping, and watched Eagle Eye and What Happened in Vegas. I was even able to sleep in until about 10 am when I woke up and told him it was time to get the kids. It was toooo quiet. He agreed. LOL
During the week, I pulled out another project from my WIP basket. I started this LK Flip It series probably over a year ago. All I had ever stitched was January and February. So on Thursday, I pulled it out again. I finished March on Friday morning and April on Saturday. I also have all of the thread pulled for May as well. I need to work on some exchanges first though.

This next piece is LK Life's A Stitch without the satin stitch border. I'm going to make it into a floss ring tag. That's why there's no stitching in the upper right hand border. I found some really cute square eyelets at Michael's for that corner.

Tonight now I'm going to start stitching another LK piece for an exchange.

Thanks for checking in!


staci said...

So sorry that work is so awful...good luck with the job hunt :)

Love your LK stitching, so cute!

Suzanne said...

That's one aspect of work I am not looking forward to when I go back.

I love all your stitching, Lizzie Kate is one of my favourite designers.

Anonymous said...

Your L*K finishes look wonderful!

Siobhan said...

Your stitching is so nice! Sorry to hear about work being stressful, hope it gets better.

TattingChic said...

These are so pretty!