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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Much better in my world... long post

First of all, I want to thank all of you for the thoughts and prayers during my recent health freak-out. Here is the update...I have received excellent news. The surgical oncologist ran a blood test and the results were that they got all of the cancer in the first surgery. As of right now, no additional surgery, no chemo, no radiation is needed. We have to continue with the blood work every 3-6 months, and as long as that is OK for over a year, then apparently I'm cured. So, everyone's prayers really helped out during this time.

Things have been really busy right. The first day of school was Tuesday. WOOHOO!!! This picture is of my youngest DD on her first day of Kindergarten. She really was excited, but leave it to my kid to have a cold on the first day. All of the kids on their first day of school at the neighbor's sunflowers. They were just so beautiful and huge.
The other big news...my oldest DD taught herself to ride her 2 wheeler all by herself. I am sooo proud of her. She just decided last weekend to get on and give it a try. We had been working on it off and all this summer with no success. She was that way when we potty trained her too. Just told us one day that she had to go and was potty trained ever since.

Cross stitch wise, things have been really good. I have been working on another project for JCS that will be in the magazine in the March/April issue of 2009. It's a mandala, and I just love it. I finally decided to develop somewhat of a rotation when it comes to my JCS stitching vs. the rest of my stitching. I make a goal every weekend starting on Saturday morning. I have to accomplish whatever the goal is before I can stitch on my own stuff. I try not to make it too overwhelming of a goal. Something that I can try to finish in a weekend or by Monday/Tuesday at the least. The rest of the week, I can stitch whatever I want.

Last week, after I had met my goal, I finally finished one of my UFO's. I really loved this piece, but it became a UFO because I stitched it over 1. I think it turned out well, but I didn't like the fabric that I chose for the over 1. It was a very uneven weave. I'm happy it's done though.
LHN Night and DayThis next piece is the RR from the LHN RR that I'm in. This is Julianne's RR. She chose a theme of City Stitcher/Country Stitcher. She wanted houses that had some sort of City/Country theme to it. I chose this from the new LHN Neighborhood chart. I thought it fit pretty well into the theme. The 2nd picture is what has been completed so far on her RR. This last picture is my start on my SBEBB SB exchange. This is Scatter Sunshine. I don't think my partner reads my blog, so I wanted to show my progress so far. This is 1 night worth of progress.

If you have stuck with me this whole post, thank you very much. I hope everyone is doing well, and thanks again for all of the prayers and positive thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Melissa, I'm so pleased that you had good news! I hope your tests continue to be clear :)

Your stitching looks great - I love Night and Day especially!

staci said...

That is great news, and what a relief! I hope your road continues to be healthy :)

And such big milestones for your kiddos, you must be so proud :)

I love all of your stitching, you sure have been busy! Everything is lovely.

Vonna said...

Melissa, as you can see I'm terribly behind posts....
I'm so, so, so happy to see that you're considered cured. I will continue to pray for the road to be healthy! What great news!
(and I love your skin on the blog)

Lennu said...

That's great news!! It must be such a relief.

Your stitching looks very beautiful and I love the photo of your kids and sunflowers :)

Marion said...

I'm SO happy you got good news!!!
Also, great stitching!!
Take care

trillium said...

I also take first-day-of-school pics.

My granddaughter just learned to ride a bike without training wheels in June. She's nine. Childhood IS a journey . . .