2013 WIPocalypse

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Here's the PIF post that I promised. I've signed up for a PIF with Deb. I don't usually get to many comments, but we'll see how this works.

The first 5 people that sign up will get a little finished something from me sometime within the next year, hopefully sooner.

So, here it goes!!!


Jill said...

I would love to be in your PIF. I am a good friend of MamaJoan's and am watching the progress on your LHN RR's. Very nice!

Carol said...

Hi Melissa - I will sign up for your PIF! I just sent you one from when you signed up for mine in January (I think you forgot to gather people then), so I will make it even by signing up for yours ;-)

Marion said...

I will sign up for your PIF. I found you through Amy's blog. I am sending you lots of well wishes as well!!
Please drop by my blog when you can..it's not all about stitching, actually only a small part is....but love to know you were there.