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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A UFO finish and update...

Can you believe it?!? I actually finished one of my UFO's. This is BBD's Simple Harvest. I took it with me down to Missouri when we went down for the funeral, and I think I finished the "M". So when I got back home, I just wanted to work on something simple.

Then last night, I started this little piece. It's BC's Liberty Zipper. I always hate the fabric that comes in those kits, so I just went and used a piece of 32 ct. fabric. Here's my progress as of 1 am last night. I had to do a little frogging on the blue part in the flag, but got it frogged and restitched.The only other update is of my brand new camera. I'm so excited!!!! The money I made stitching the last piece for Just Cross Stitch went for the new camera. It's a Nikon D40. I just love it. Now to learn how to use all of the bells and whistles. I had a lot of recommendations for this camera including from reading Nicole's blog. She has the same camera.

These are pictures of my peony bushes. They haven't bloomed yet, but there's a ton of blooms on them. They are the biggest that they have EVER!!!! been. They are at least 4 feet wide and almost 3 foot high. Some of the blooms are almost to my hip.

I'll take a picture of them once all the flowers have opened. I'll update again soon. Have a great week.


Kim B said...

I love peonies! I hope you post pictures when they bloom!

Your stitching looks gorgeous and congrats on the new camera!

TinaTx said...

Your peonies are looking fab! Can't wait to see them all bloomed out.
Congrats on the new camera. My digital camera isn't anything fancy, and yet I still don't know how to use all the features! I did find the timer the other day when I pushed a wrong button.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - and for leaving a comment. I love getting comments - makes me think I'm not always talking to myself!

TinaTx said...

Those peonies look great! I can't wait to see a picture when they are all bloomed out!
You have fun going to the top of that arch! If we lived 10 minutes from it, I still wouldn't have made it to the top - claustrophobic and those 'cars' that take you up are way too small for me - plus, it isn't a quick ride, they go slow and I think it was like a 15 minute ride. At least the elevator going up the Sear's tower is less than 2 minutes.

TinaTx said...

oops - didn't mean to post twice! don't you love it when blogger tells you the first one didn't work so they you do it again and both of them post?

A said...

Oh, I love that design, yours looks beautiful!!

And hey, I have that BC Zipper framed and hanging on my wall, it's one of my favorites!

You have great taste, lol!


Carol R said...

Great finish on Simple Harvest.

Good luck with your new camera. I just got the Canon EOA D400 and am learning too!