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Sunday, May 4, 2008

April Update and May Goals

April Goal Results
1. Finish the JCS model stitching piece. Yes :)
2. Paint dining room. Yes :)
3. Work on Fair and Square Round 6 piece. Yes :)
4. Work on the LHN RR. Yes :)
5. Paint my personal family room. No :(
6. Decorate and possibly paint playroom. :(
7 Plant flowers No :(
8. Finish at least 3 scrapbook pages or cards. Yes :)
9. Work on Lo, How A Rose Yes :)
10. Work on BS Quaker Christmas. No :(

May Goals
1. Work on the new JCS model stitching piece.
2. Finish border and decorating dining room.
3. Work on a couple of exchange pieces.
4. Work on LHN RR.
5. Paint my personal family room.
6. Finish 5 scrapbook pages.
7. Work on Lo, How a Rose.
8. Plant flowers.

I didn't do too bad with last months goals. Let's see how well I do on May's goals.
Write more later.

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Kim B said...

You did very well in April! Good luck in May!!