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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Needed a Change

I decided to change the template on my blog today. I've wanted to for awhile, but wasn't sure how to do it. I think it turned out cute.

I'm going to work on stitching an ornament today and finishing up my Fair and Square Round 6 for Stephanie. The front piece is done, but I still need to work on the back square. On Thursday, I went and made a list of my WIP's/UFO's (the one's that are near my stitching area, not put up somewhere). I was a little overwhelmed. I had 13 WIP's/UFO's. Unfortunately, the majority of them are UFO's. I really need to work on establishing a rotation and start working on them at least once a week. 11 of them are ones I haven't worked on in at least 2 months, and the majority of them, I haven't worked on in at least 6 months. And here I was thinking about starting something new. Of course, I'm sure I will start something new soon, but I definitely need to work on those UFO's.

Today is rainy here. I think I'm going to stay curled up and stitch until I have to take Jenna to her BFF's Brooke's birthday party. Oh the life of a 5 year old. LOL!

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Kim B said...

Oh Melissa you've completed 4 SB stockings? I'm on the edge of my seat for the Christmas season to roll around now just so I can *fingers crossed* see pictures of your's :)